General Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and CASH for payment

What do I need to bring?

You will need fishing tackle, warm clothes, rain gear and boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, digital camera / video camera, a hat and towels (towels are not supplied)

If entering Canada from United States you will need identification and/or a passport for Canadian Customs

Is there cellular phone service?

Cellular phone service is limited right at the lodge
You can get a cellular signal near highway 10 or while out on the lake

Is there WI-Fi?

There is no Wi-Fi available at the camp.
There is a computer at the lodge with Internet access that can be used to send/receive emails

How do I get to the lodge?

Paradise lodge can be accessed on paved highway from Winnipeg.
Go north from Winnipeg on highway #6 (400 km) to highway #60 (Easterville turn off), head west on highway #60 (150 km), to highway #10. Then head north on highway #10 (185 km) to Paradise Road (you will see the Paradise Lodge sign),, you are now at Paradise..!!

If you fly to Flin Flon, we will arrange your transportation to the lodge from the airport

What if I forget something?

The city of Flin Flon is a 30 minute drive from the lodge and has all amenities, restaurants, Canadian Tire store, Walmart. The lodge does have a limited supply of fishing tackle on hand

What else is there to do other than fishing?

There is the Big Island Drive In that is open from Mid May to September (weather permitting)

You can bike or hike along the old paved highway

There is an Indigenous art gallery in Cranberry Portage

Canoe or Kayak along the 239 kilometers of beautiful shoreline

Take a stroll along Flinty’s boardwalk, a 2.2 km path which wraps along the shores of Ross Lake. The boardwalk begins at the statue of Flinty himself in the city of Flin Flon

Fishing Questions

What kind of bait will I need?

minnows, nightcrawlers, leaches and sucker meat can all be used as bait while fishing Athapap

What kind of fish will I catch

Athapap has a wide fish species population

Lake Trout can be fished for in the majority of the lake

Northern Pike can be found in most weedy bays

Walleye are in the bays and around many of the islands

Burbot are more prevalent in the winter months (ice fishing) but some can still be caught near the bottom of lake

Whitefish are not abundant but can be caught in the channels that have some to current to them

Perch can be found in the same locations where you are fishing for Walleye or Pike

What do I need for fishing tackle?

If fishing for Lake Trout:

  • Be sure to have plenty of 15 – 20 lb. line spooled on your reel
  • If jigging, Lake Trout will be found on the bottom of the lake 100 -125 feet down
  • If trolling, large spoons and/or planer boards will help get your lures to where the trout are
  • Down-riggers, if equipped, can also be used

If fishing for Northern Pike:

  • Be sure to have plenty of 15 – 20 lb. line spooled on your reel
  • A good supply of leaders
  • Large casting spoons or Live Target lures

If fishing for Walleye:

  • 8 lb. test line
  • bottom bouncers
  • walleye spinners
  • jigs

General Tackle:

  •  a large sized net
  • good pliers (long nosed if possible)
  • stringer
  • sharp fillet knife

Are guides available?

Yes professional guides are available. Please give us as much notice as possible and we will arrange for a guide to meet you at the lodge. Rates are typically $250 per day for 2 people.

Accommodation Questions

What is included / not included in the accommodations

Included with accommodations:

  • full sized fridge and stove (3 burner gas stove in LHK units)
  • kitchen utensils (pots, pans, plates, glasses, knives, forks and spoons), toaster and coffee maker
  • dish soap, dish towels, toilet paper
  • bedding is supplied for all rooms

Not included with accommodations:

  • condiments (mustard, relish, ketchup etc…)
  • paper towels
  •  * Bath towels are not supplied *

Do I need to bring pillows?

Pillows and bedding are supplied but if you have a favorite pillow, by all means bring it with you

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