Fishing Athapap

Lake Trout

Athapapuskow Lake is known for its size, depth, crystal clear water and many reefs, perfect conditions for Lake Trout to thrive 

Lake Trout can be found in both Big Athapap (the south end of the lake) and also Little Athtapap (the middle portion of the lake)

A 63 lb. giant was caught in Little Athapap by Leone Grayson in 1930 and stood as the World record at the time. There is a memorial cairn at the Baker’s Narrows campground recognizing this feat


Northern Pike

Northern Pike are abundant in Athapapuskow Lake. Trolling big spoons around one of the five hundred islands or bait-casting in a secluded bay, the opportunities will be numerous for pike enthusiasts

Early in the season Northern Pike can be found in very shallow water near their spawning areas, sunning themselves and feeding on bait fish

Northern Pike in the forty to forty-five inch range are not uncommon


In the spring while the water is still cold you can find walleye “stacked up” in bays and rocky points where there is moving water, they can usually be found in six to ten feet of water

You can fish for these by trolling a bottom bouncer with a walleye spinner or casting a crank-bait 

Many Walleye in the twenty-eight to thirty two inch size (and larger) are caught each summer


At the end of a successful day out on the lake, head over our large, well lit filleting house to clean your catch. Always kept in exceptionally clean condition, our filleting house is equipped with the conveniences of running water and a dual height counter top because we know all fishermen (and women), are not the same size

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